While acknowledging that she is riding a train without a ticket, the woman won’t give up the seat that she mistakenly booked for someone else.

A video of a lady using a reserved seat on a train without a ticket has gone viral. Throughout the video, the lady can be seen fighting with other passengers and holding onto her seat. By claiming to be employed by the Indian Railways, she even makes a threat against them.

The video was posted on X with the following caption: “The woman is sitting in a reserved seat without a ticket.” refused to get up and argued with everyone in the vicinity.

The woman in the video acknowledges that she is not using a ticket, but she insists that she will not give up her seat. To resolve the issue, she even gives the traveler who reserved the reserved seat instructions to locate the TTE (Travelling Ticket Examiner).

Watch the whole video right here:

Post Link: https://x.com/ShoneeKapoor/status/1781182759995617745

It was shared a couple of hours ago. The video went viral after that and has received over a million views. People have also posted a variety of remarks in response to the share. A few others tagged India’s Union Minister of Railways, Ashwini Vaishnaw, in an attempt to draw his attention to the issue. What was the response of X users to this widely shared video of a traveler without a ticket?

“A railway worker named Ashwini Vaishnaw unlawfully seized a passenger’s seat and refused to get off of it. This is the upper limit, X user wrote. Another person said, “I’m sure she hasn’t done that before.”

“This may be readily resolved by enforcing a very severe punishment for anyone found traveling without a ticket or for those traveling in a class where tickets are not required. Reduce the number of unreserved and waiting-list tickets, a third person proposed. Squatter. Such entitled, disrespectful individuals” added a fourth. “I have a question for everyone here: what is the best course of action in this situation, or what would you do?” asked a fifth.

According to a Live Mint post from a few years back, a passenger found traveling on India Railways without a ticket may be required to pay a minimum fine of ₹250 in addition to the cost of the ticket for the distance they traveled. Additionally, a passenger without a ticket may be imprisoned for up to six months.