In a shocking turn of events, a 39-year-old startup founder and CEO from Bengaluru has been apprehended on the grave charges of allegedly murdering his own 4-year-old son. This disturbing incident serves as a stark reminder that positions of power and prestige do not necessarily equate to moral integrity or ethical behaviour.

39-year-old startup founder & CEO of Mindful AI Lab from Bengaluru Suchana Seth charged with murdering 4-year-old son in an apartment hotel in Sinquerim, Goa. On January 6th, late in the evening, Seth checked into a hotel with her four-year-old son. However, when she checked out early on Monday morning, the boy was noticeably missing. Adding to the alarm, housekeeping staff discovered bloodstained clothes on the floor of the room. This confluence of events set off the alarm, bringing Seth’s potential crime to light.

Seth offered a fictitious address and informed the police that her kid was in Fatorda with a friend when the police called her. The police alerted the driver to their suspicions and told him to report to the closest police station, which was located in Chitradurga. When the luggage was investigated by their equivalents in Chitradurga, they were horrified to discover the young boy’s body crammed inside. She was then taken into prison at the Chitradurga police station, and Calangute PI Paresh Naik and his team went to Chitradurga to obtain the accused’s custody.

Her LinkedIn profile says “AI Ethics expert and on the list of 100  brilliant women in the AI ethics list” but no ethics in life. She also seems to be a product of Harvard. 

More info is awaited if she is estranged from her husband and if they are having court cases.