Every nation is utilising disruptive technology to build a range of products and solutions, including artificial intelligence. Not limited to Silicon Valley, India is home to a plethora of forward-thinking AI startups that encourage diversity in the workforce. The Indian tech landscape was different ten or so years ago. Women were underrepresented in the computing industry, despite their ability and enthusiasm, and like the rest of society, they were not given any recognition or opportunity. 

Many Indian AI businesses are making improvements to their work culture to make it more welcoming to women, as the country’s markets continue to trend positively. Here are some Indian AI startups run by women whether you’re a woman hoping to work in the field of artificial intelligence or just trying to change careers.

Algonomyaa; Founded by Seema Agarwal 

Another Bangalore-based business that leverages a validated real-time customer data and analytics platform is Algonomy, formerly known as Manthan. With every interaction, the company assists retail enterprises in making wise selections for each and every consumer. Algonomy wants its clients to be digitally first so they may use an intelligent, ensemble-based algorithmic decision engine to overcome any obstacles.  Leader of the organization is. She received the Women Leadership Influencers Awards 2020 as the runner-up for Women In Tech Leader.   

BASH.ai: Founded by Barkha Sharma

Bash.ai is a firm situated in Gurugram that employs AI enthusiasts with the goal of delivering automation solutions for the HR industry. This company makes it easier to maintain a good and healthy work environment by providing solutions like chatbots, smart attendance, and human resources management sites.  Barkha Sharma was listed in two lists: “5 Successful Artificial Intelligence Based Start-ups Led By Indian Women” and “5 Women Who Are Shaking Up the World of Artificial Intelligence” by Manipal ProLearn.  

Vue.ai : Founded by Ashwini Asokan and her husband Dr. Anand Chandrasekaran

With its Intelligence Retail Automation, it is the top artificial intelligence in the retail sector. Under the parent business Mad Street Den, which Vue co-founded, disruptive technologies are used to streamline processes. The company extracts product data from photographs and analyses it using data science and image recognition to enable retailers to make quick judgments.

EXL : Founded by Dr Swati Jain

Service EXL is a top operations management and analytics firm with its headquarters located in New York that assists clients in creating and expanding long-lasting businesses. EXL goes deeper to develop and manage dynamic, customer-centric operating models to improve global operations, profitability, customer satisfaction, increase data-driven insights, and manage risk and compliance. The team’s domain experience, data, analytics, and digital technologies enable this approach.  The Gurgaon office of EXL, which won the 2020 Women in AI and Analytics Leadership Award, is in charge of the business.

Niramai Health Analytix : Founded and headed by Geetha Manjunath

This Bangalore-based firm uses automated solutions to solve important healthcare issues. With a particular focus on breast cancer, Niramai has created a unique software-based medical tool that, in comparison to conventional self-examination techniques, can identify breast cancer far sooner. Our proprietary machine learning algorithms have been used to construct the foundation of the company’s solution, which enables accurate and dependable breast cancer detection. Forbes 2020 identified her as one of India’s top female achievers.   

UncannyVision Solutions : Founded by Deepa J

A startup called UncannyVision is committed to creating computer vision products that are best suited for the embedded market. This Bangalore-based company offers cutting-edge solutions like Uncanny ANPR, a high-accuracy, automatic number plate recognition system powered by AI and deep learning, and Uncanny Surveillance, a real-time surveillance solution for smart cameras that provides alerts and analytics. Numerous Fortune 500 organizations are implementing these solutions as part of their aim to make the world a safer and more secure place. In addition to carrying out her duties as Chief Operations Officer at UncannyVision Solutions, Deepa J is well-known for being a superb peer mentor.   


An endeavour by Radha R, who, with her background at Microsoft and Mindtree, is also the Executive Chairperson and is in charge of Flutura Decision Sciences and Analytics out of the Bangalore headquarters.

As the foundation of any organization, Flutura is a company that offers AI solutions with an emphasis on enhancing “Asset Uptime” and “Operational Efficiency.” The company powers connected assets and connected operations use cases for organizations by leveraging its AI platform Cerebra tailored for IIOT in the Oil & Gas, Specialty Chemicals, and Heavy Machinery manufacturing industries.  

Final thoughts 

To sum up, during the last ten years, the Indian AI startup scene has changed dramatically, placing an increasing focus on inclusivity and diversity. These innovative female-led AI firms are breaking down boundaries in a traditionally male-dominated area and revolutionizing industries. These extraordinary businesspeople are demonstrating that a person’s gender shouldn’t be a barrier to success in the field of artificial intelligence.

In addition to upending technology, these female-led AI startups are also upending the status quo, paving the way for a more diverse, inclusive, and bright future for the Indian and global IT sectors. Their influence is proof of the amazing possibilities that arise when bright minds are afforded the respect and chances they so richly deserve.