You can try to convince us differently, but we ladies with our infatuation with bags won’t listen. We are wise enough not to settle for a single plain bag and call it a day. However, we also aren’t stupid enough to follow fads that change with the seasons. Our only argument is that, regardless of fads in bag design, every woman has to have these 7 distinct models in her collection. Think of these bag kinds as timeless and appropriate for a particular scenario that you will inevitably encounter in life. Happy purchasing and reading!

  1. Sling Bag

This is an essential that every woman owns; it comes in a variety of colours and styles. The traditional sling bag is a beloved item due to its versatility and reputation as the on-the-go purse that allows you to keep your hands free and your feet light. You no longer need to be concerned about rushing errands or trying to fit the grocery bag into your hands!

  1. Cloth Bag

Comfortable canvas or cloth bags are a dependable and environmentally responsible companion, whether you’re heading to the flea market for a leisurely day of shopping with the group or making fast trips to the grocery store. It’s roomy, lightweight, and available in a variety of styles—the majority of which have humorous drawings and puns on them. That being said, you can also fold it up and fit it in another bag for last-minute grocery shopping or for quick transport or art exhibition!

  1. Shoulder Bag

Well, how the iconic shoulder bag is making a reappearance and helping the 90s fashion look live vicariously on. We believe it’s a need for several reasons: it’s a chic addition to events at work or parties, it’s lightweight and convenient to carry on the shoulder, arm, or as a clutch, and we don’t see this trend going away anytime soon! If you decide to purchase one of these, go with neutral colours.

  1. Tote Bag

The tote bag is a necessity, so chances are you already have one (if not, we’re going to hit you with our favourite option, no judgements). It is the largest “everyday” bag that a woman can carry almost everything she has. That sums everything up. In addition, they have a fantastic appearance and are available in larger sizes for after-work food shopping.

  1. Mini Bag

The mini bag (many manufacturers are also releasing micro minis), which are only functional for their appeal and design, is useful only on special occasions when you only need your phone, ID, lip gloss, and cards. This one will last and appear like a piece off the runaway every time you wear it out, if you’re a sucker for trends. 

  1. Belt Bag

Every wardrobe worth having should have a belt bag, which is entirely up to you to choose for whatever reason. Because of its wearability, the fanny pack is a popular item that is seen practically everywhere. Whether you wear it to a fashion show, sporting event, or even just on a trip, it will make a big impression. Additionally, it keeps necessary items close at hand and thus conveniently accessible, such phones, keys, and cards. 

  1. Clutch

We hadn’t seen clutches in a long time, so for an evening gathering, we simply brought along one small bag. But meet the day clutch, which is embracing the day with us in its sleek, larger, envelope-shaped persona! It not only keeps you organised when you need to rush out for coffee or brunch with the girls, but it also adds a stylish touch to the carefree casual ensemble.


In c͏o͏ncl͏us͏ion͏͏, devel͏oping a war͏drob͏e o͏͏f neces͏s͏͏͏a͏ry b͏ag͏͏s͏ ͏͏is͏ ͏a͏͏͏ s͏͏͏͏tylis͏h and͏ ͏u͏͏se͏͏ful p͏r͏o͏jec͏t fo͏r ͏ea͏c͏h ͏la͏͏dy. These items, ͏whi͏ch ͏͏ra͏nge͏ from th͏e͏ a͏da͏pta͏b͏͏le ͏slin͏͏g bag͏ t͏o͏ ͏͏t͏͏he͏͏ c͏͏las͏s͏͏i͏͏c͏͏ tote and͏ t͏h͏e s͏ty͏͏l͏is͏h ͏w͏i͏l͏d͏ca͏rd͏ ͏͏bag, ͏st͏ylish͏ly meet a va͏͏ri͏et͏y o͏f d͏eman͏ds͏ an͏͏d͏͏͏ event͏s. A͏͏cc͏ept the st͏yle ͏and͏ ut͏il͏i͏ty o͏f͏ t͏he͏se͏ 7 ͏͏u͏ni͏͏que͏ m͏͏͏o͏de͏ls͏, w͏hich ͏will ͏g͏uarante͏e͏͏͏͏ th͏at͏ y͏o͏͏͏u͏͏’re a͏lw͏ay͏s͏ r͏͏͏eady͏ and ͏s͏tylis͏h͏ ͏for an͏͏ything͏ ͏͏li͏͏fe t͏h͏rows at yo͏u. ͏