During the military’s ground operation in the Gaza Strip, an Israeli soldier was liberated from Hamas custody, the military and the Shin Bet security agency announced on Monday. The military declared that on October 7, Hamas had abducted the soldier, Ori Megidish. She was stated to be “doing well” after undergoing medical examinations and meeting with her relatives. It didn’t go into detail on how she was released.

Member of Israel’s security cabinet and minister of energy Israel Katz stated on X, “I want to send strength and congratulate the soldiers and commanders of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and Shin Bet for the bold operation.”

In a succinct statement, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu greeted her home and said that “our forces” had liberated her from Hamas.

According to him, Israel’s security forces’ “achievement” “illustrates our commitment to freeing all the hostages.” It is estimated that 240 people, including men, women, and children, are being held captive by Hamas and other violent organisations. Pressure on Netanyahu to secure their release has grown. Four hostages have been freed by Hamas, which has declared it will release the remaining ones in exchange for thousands of Palestinian inmates detained by Israel, many of them are suspected of carrying out lethal assaults against Israelis.