There are inspirational stories that capture the spirit of courage, willpower, and unshakable dedication in the annals of Indian sports history. One such success story is that of Lovlina Borgohain, a young Assamese lady who, through ability and pure hard work, has become well-known on the world arena of boxing. Her journey from the isolated town of Baromukhia to the Olympics is proof of the strength of the human spirit and the ability to achieve one’s goals. Here is the tale of Lovlina Borgohain’s adversity and triumph.

Early beginning 

On October 2, 1997, Lovlina Borgohain was born in the Indian state of Assam’s Golaghat district. She spent her early years in the peaceful village of Baromukhia, far from the glitz of the ring. Life was straightforward yet difficult in this gorgeous yet economically underdeveloped area of the nation. Three siblings and a difficult financial situation were a part of Lovlina’s upbringing. Her mother, Mamoni Borgohain, was a stay-at-home mom, and her father, Tiken Borgohain, had a small business.

The spark of Boxing

The kickboxing style known as Muay Thai initially piqued the interest of Lovlina Borgohain and her two sisters, who even competed at the national level. When Lovlina was chosen for a SAI tryout held at her school in 2012, she switched to boxing under the instruction of Podum Boro.

With a silver medal in the 2012 Junior National Boxing Championships and her first international medal when she won the silver at the 2013 Nation’s Women’s Junior Cup in Serbia, 16-year-old Lovlina Borgohain was making waves in the Indian boxing scene.

She followed up her first-ever silver medal at the 2013 Nation’s Women’s Junior Cup with two consecutive medals in the 2014 and 2015 editions, taking home the bronze and silver, respectively.

Lovlina Borgohain displayed her talent in her very first senior international competition. At the 2017 Asian Boxing Championships, she took home the bronze medal.

The year 2018 saw Lovlina’s biggest professional breakthrough as she won the gold medal at the India Open and qualified for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. However, she was eliminated from the quadrennial competition’s quarterfinal round.

Lovlina won a bronze medal in her inaugural competition at the Women’s World Boxing Championships in 2018. She then won a second bronze medal in the 2019 competition.

Lovlina Borgohain won the bronze medal at the 2020 Asia-Oceania Boxing Olympic Qualifiers, which earned her a spot in her first Olympic Games at the Tokyo Games. She won the bronze, becoming the third Indian boxer to accomplish it at the Olympics after Vijender Singh and her hero MC Mary Kom.

After winning two bronze medals at the Asian Boxing Championships in 2017 and 2021, Lovlina Borgohain knew she had to advance. The continental championships’ 2022 edition saw Lovlina win the competition’s first-ever gold medal.

Lovlina Borgohain won the gold medal in the 75 kg division at the 2023 World Boxing Championships in New Delhi, making her the only other Indian (apart from Mary Kom) to hold both an Olympic and a World Championship gold medal.

Overcoming Hardships

Lovlina had to face a number of obstacles when working out at her village’s improvised gym, including the absence of adequate facilities, tools, and even a punching bag. Her drive and tenacity, however, made up for these shortfalls. She was being led by renowned coach Padum Boro, who recognized her tremendous potential.

The road to success for Lovlina was not easy. Numerous challenges, both financial and personal, had to be overcome by her. Her family often had to get by on very little since they struggled to make ends meet. Lovlina had to make the most of what she had because her boxing gear was frequently worn out. She did not, however, allow these challenges stop her.

She made a lot of sacrifices, one of which was spending a lot of time away from her family as she trained. She moved to the Sports Authority of India (SAI) campus in Guwahati, leaving behind the comforts of home, where she received specialised coaching and facilities. This was a turning point in her path since it gave her the opportunity to practise with the best and polish her abilities.

I didn’t spend a lot of time with the family because I was working at a tiny tea estate outside of the hamlet in the early 2000s. I used to make a pitiful Rs 2,500 each month. On this salary, we had to support a family of five. Only once a week, and perhaps only once a month, was I allowed to visit my family. My wife and I decided to train our three girls in self-defence because they spend most of their time by themselves, said her father.

Final thoughts

The path taken by Lovlina Borgohain from the isolated town of Baromukhia to the Olympic podium is quite amazing. Her challenges, sacrifices, and unrelenting resolve not only led to her achievement but also served as an example for a generation of aspiring athletes. The tale of Lovlina teaches us that we can overcome any challenge life throws our way if we have tenacity, persistence, and a strong desire to fulfil our dreams. She is more than simply a boxer; she is a representation of optimism, resiliency, and India’s unbreakable spirit. We are all inspired by Lovlina Borgohain’s adventure, which has cemented her place in Indian sports history.