Spanish performer Alicia Framis is being married to an artificial intelligence (AI)-generated hologram in a first for the globe. You read correctly! The future husband of Ms. Framis is a machine learning and hologram technology creation. She’ll be the first woman to wed a hologram created by artificial intelligence. Her wedding venue is already reserved. This year’s event will be held at a Rotterdam museum, according to a report by Euronews. 

Ms. Framis claims that her future spouse goes by the name AILex. Her design, the hologram, was made to “satisfy all of her emotional needs”. She refers to the “middle-aged male hologram with slightly complex logistics” as her virtual partner. According to the outlet, Ms. Framis’ marriage is not a romantic one; rather, it is a component of her new project, “Hybrid Couple,” in which she aims to test the limits of intimacy, love, and identity in the AI era.

“In a statement posted on her website, Ms. Framis explained that AI lacks poetry, art, and warmth and is still closely related to science.”

I want to create an artistic documentary that combines drawings, conversations with other women, and illustrations of arms, bodies, romantic desires, household scenarios, and my partner’s everyday activities. She went on, “I want to investigate ways to incorporate the hologram into my everyday life.

Ms. Framis is now choosing her wedding gown and the outfits of the people who will be present. According to Euronews, the wedding will happen this summer on the roof of the Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam. 

Ms. Framis posts pictures and videos of herself with her lover AILex on her Instagram account. “Having sex and falling in love with robots and holograms is unavoidable. They can show sensitivity and make wonderful friends. In the same way that phones helped us avoid loneliness and fill the emptiness in our lives, holograms that interact with us in our homes have the potential to do even more good, the speaker added.

Ms. Framis went on to say that for those who require companionship, both AI and human partners can be advantageous choices. “My friend is a widow and it is difficult for her to replace her husband,” she said, citing a personal example. For people who require company, AI and human companions can be an excellent choice.