Using cutting-edge AI, a lifelike digital replica of Marilyn Monroe will make her premiere at the South by Southwest technology conference. The virtual twin is capable of speech, emotion expression, and comedy book recommendation. 

A very lifelike digital portrayal of the great Marilyn Monroe is scheduled to premiere at the 2018 South by Southwest tech conference in Austin, Texas, in a technologically ground-breaking breakthrough. With the use of cutting-edge artificial intelligence, Digital Marilyn was created more than 60 years after the famous actress passed away. It is expected to astonish viewers with its striking likeness.

With her modest black turtleneck sweater on and her trademark blonde pixie cut, Monroe makes an appearance on computer displays. The digital double is designed to converse with users, even using the actress’s unique breathy voice. The digital duplicate is notable for its ability to convey a variety of emotions, such as smiling in reply to praise.

Digital Marilyn Monroe takes center stage

In recent testing, Digital Marilyn explored her all-time favorite film character, Sugar, from the 1959 comedy “Some Like It Hot.” The virtual Monroe paused, looked down, and said, “This character is both challenging and rewarding.” The computerized version even continued, suggesting additional vintage comedy like “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.”

Authentic Brands Group and Soul Machines, an AI company that specializes in constructing lifelike digital identities, worked together to bring Digital Marilyn to life. The marketing company shows off how these AI creations may be used as brand ambassadors by claiming ownership of resemblance rights to Monroe and a number of other departed celebrities.

The CEO and co-founder of Soul Machines, Greg Cross, described the “special feeling” that consumers may get while engaging with Digital Marilyn as being similar to developing a relationship with an icon. Digital Marilyn will be unveiled during an event organized by The Information, where guests will be the only ones able to engage with this innovative innovation. Cross anticipates that discussions on Digital Marilyn’s potential as a potent and legendary brand ambassador will be sparked by the demonstration.