A little Chinese girl found a bug in the touchscreen of a Tesla vehicle. Her earlier strokes started fading as she tried to draw. Not to be deterred, she took matters into her own hands and brought up the problem with Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, requesting that he “fix” the fault on the vehicle’s screen. The millionaire was drawn to her kind plea and even answered it.

The X account @DriveGreen80167 tagged Elon Musk and stated, “Molly decided to report an important bug to Mr. Musk.” The account also posted a video in which the girl reported the issue.

“Hi, Mr. Musk. From China, I am Molly. I have a query regarding your vehicle. Occasionally, a picture I drew may vanish. In the video, she said, “Like this,” drawing fresh strokes on the screen as the ones that overlapped vanished.

You see it? she said. Could you please solve this? I’m grateful.

Post link: https://x.com/DriveGreen80167/status/1807485214270099854