Maika Sweet Home Anathalaya is a safe and caring place for girls & women who may not have the same opportunities as others. The Anathalaya is guided by its determination to elevate the situation and helps them to settle and create an atmosphere of cordiality and warmth by the way they support them to find a house to live in. 

The amazing thing is that deciding to parent a child who lacks parents is a powerful act of transformation that can change someone’s life in ways that are immense. The particular pursuit for the organization has consistently been to build a community aimed at the persons who it serves, promoting familiarity and doing all necessary for a conscious and cheerful la vida. 

According to this establishment every child matters and it underlines the fact that young people should be independent in everything they do and speak on their behalf.

The organization understands that education is a natural right for every single child and meanwhile gives substantial support to girls so that they can get all their education for free. Carefully put together by the kindergarten’s administrators, courses consist not only of the subjects currently being taught but also computer skills and mastering of the English language.

There will be vocational training in such areas as cooking and tailoring Stitching, Parlour Course, Macrame, Soap Making, Candle Making, as well as comprehensive cleaning. Depending on a participant’s choice, the training may be offered as an alternative to the academic pursuits, which are more of an interest for some attendees.

In addition to local libraries and university campuses in Sweet Home, the idea is to create learning circles directly inside the college by funding this. This tactic means there will be no literacy discrimination since everyone will be in class. With this technique, literacy will develop for all the girls under their guardianship.

These efforts accomplish purely one objective, which is to incubate the youth and give them a steady ground on which to learn to understand their own and other people’s world, and a good opportunity to step confidently into a safe and bright future for themselves.

Education being accepted as a natural born right of every children, this place is regarded as home of the pursuit of knowledge among all that we can acquire. The tapestry of opportunity that Anathalaya weaves into lifes of the young adults is different than the texts that the other centers provide; it is the keys to open the gates to a multifaceted world.

In factories, workshops, wash and tailor crews, vocational training illustrated powerful lessons about life  maintaining self-esteem and success. The sun rises over the melodious town of Sweet Home, a new crop of literacy is planted to the blooming clusters of learning circles in the sacred rooms of the academia, and an additional assurance that no child shall be in the dark of illiteracy is provided.

These programs, which spring from the sole focus point, bring the youth up, fostering into them a perception and place that they will make not only for themselves but for all that come after. Here in the clasp of Sweet Home, each girl crossing the threshold towards a hoop-skirted future, her education lighting the way on her journey to a world where there can be no talk of the midday luk nor of their being overawed in the morning.

Important News : We( are scheduled to conduct interviews with the members of Sweet Home Anathalaya in the upcoming weeks.