Regarding India’s Davos moment, when Coca-Cola highlighted the country as an inspiration

The narrative of women-led growth in India was told on the streets where wealth moves and exchanges ideas. In the India lounge, we had Microsoft, 300 global ministers, 30 heads of state, kings and queens from around the world, and conversation topics included not only women in India but also worldwide prospects for women. We share the rewards we receive, as the prime minister puts it, rather than keeping them to ourselves. Vasudeva Kutumbakam—that is, the world is one family and we share philanthropically everything we have accomplished—is a concept he discusses.

The well-known American television show Sesame Street was talking about the government’s unthinkable and unheard-of bathroom program in that lounge. A comparable conversation was taking place in another room during that exchange.

On a public forum, the global Coca-Cola leadership informed a group of CXOs that India has made every effort to demonstrate to the world that it has a robust supply chain, that it shares necessities like Covid vaccinations with humanity, and that they are bringing new investments to the country.

India was the main subject. It was widely believed at the World Economic Forum, which holds 85% of the world’s economic power, that India is well situated to serve as the link between the global North and the global South.

Everybody’s life comes full circle. When Prime Minister Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, these are the same nations that were previously subject to political pressure to revoke their invitation to him.

Regarding Ram Mandir and the Western Ram Story

Desperate are all those who never wanted India to be a major player in this environment. A pre-Covid mentality existed, something along the lines of “India has six lakh villages, they are a poor nation.” But how can they make ends meet? But we had an app, when many other countries were giving out chits for vaccinations.

‘UPI Hindustan mei ayega, kaun isko usage karega?’

was the statement received. (Who will use UPI if it launches in India?) UPI is now used for 50% of all international payments. worldwide, not regional. We have argued to the world that, during the previous 2.5 years, 800 million people in our country received free food thanks to the efforts of Prime Minister Modi. For two and a half years, no nation on earth has consistently performed that.

We produced a vaccination. We provided our folks with 2.2 billion doses in an unprecedented amount of time. No pandemonium was present.

The West claims that your nation was colonised. You learned democracy from us, right? It was therefore expected of us to be ‘gulaams,’ or slaves, since they had taught us democracy. We currently have proof, preserved in stone dating back 1,100 years in the state of Tamil Nadu, demonstrating the process by which a candidate is chosen for local government office and removed from it.

When did the Magna Carta come into existence? 1,100 years ago, we developed the rules governing our democratic election and disqualification procedures. In addition, the first lawsuit to be filed in a court to allow for the construction of the Ram Mandir was submitted in the 1880s. Who was ruling our nation in the 1880s? Whom?

We arrived at the court with the knowledge that it is answerable to the English throne. Because of how strongly our heritage was upheld, we as a community demonstrated our faith in the legal system. Freedom arrived, and India became a republic (Ek republic ban gaya). In 2024, the consecration took place following the 1800s. We have persevered for our beliefs for five centuries. When it comes to the western media, we can also be patient.

Regarding women and the formulation of policies

Every customer is visited by an army of 2.5 lakh ladies who each carry a digital device. Even fifteen years ago, it was unthinkable. Can you imagine the amount of commerce that these 2.5 lakh women are doing, even if they only trade Rs 1 lakh a day?

Approximately nine crore women participate in self-help organisations. Are you aware of the amount of business they conduct annually? roughly $37 billion.

Regarding the Lok Sabha conflict in Amethi, Rahul Gandhi, and the Congress

Nearly 80% of Amethi’s population lived without power throughout the four decades of Congress rule, 499 factories closed, there was no fire department, dialysis centre, etc.

Three lakh toilets, one lakh dwellings, and a fire brigade have all been constructed. Amethi is now immediately linked to the motorway. It also has the biggest Coca-Cola facility in South Asia. Nearly Rs 4,200 crore in loans to small enterprises were made last year, according to SBI. In addition, I have investments coming in around Rs 8,000 crore.

On her future political battles, life path, and career

Selling goods for $200 apiece on the streets was one of my first jobs. I was the first person on the dishwashing crew when the first McDonald’s opened in our nation. I asked the hiring manager how I could become the manager even then. That being said, I don’t engage with opposition members that attack me in this way. therefore I don’t require approval. My buddies don’t need to provide it to me. I don’t require that from my relatives. Nobody needs to give it to me.

But I’m a battleaxe if someone were to attack my kids. You wish not to cause me any trouble. I don’t say this in a polite manner. I have spoken it out loud and without regret. My origins are on the sidewalk. Returning to the path is fine as long as it keeps my children safe. I don’t give a damn if I’m poor, weak, insignificant, or unemployed. The question is, will those who are harming my children be prepared to follow suit? Most likely not. That’s the reason the Gandhis will never again win Amethi.