As the leading figure of the world’s most popular K-pop group BLACKPINK Jisoo shines forth while launching her own label BLISSOO. This is a significant landmark in her career, as the move into this space will allow her to look at the diverse areas beyond the music realm.

In an official statement, a representative from BLISSOO shared their vision:

“We launch the official website and SNS channels today. Our main task is to establish the vast multi-domain platform for Jisoo to speak to the fans directly. The positive sides of Jisoo and a wide range of activities will be demonstrated on the show.”

The brand name BLISSOO delicately merges “Bliss”, which represents the state of perfect happiness, with Jisoo’s mesmerizing beauty referred to as a gift valuable to the future society and initiates the journey full of new adventures.

Jisoo’s Rising Star and Net Worth

As for the renewal of their contract with YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK recently did that for their group activities and their devoted fans are anxiously waiting for more updates from Jisoo about her solo ventures. Now, BLISSOO is launched, all watch how Jisoo will chart her future path, the new road she will travel.

As Jisoo’s star continues to rise, her net worth has also been a topic of interest:

Estimated Net Worth$25 million
TitleRichest BLACKPINK member

According to reports, Jisoo’s impressive net worth of around $25 million makes her the wealthiest member of BLACKPINK. Her earnings stem from various sources, including endorsements with brands like Samsung and Cruciani, which contribute approximately $8 million. Jisoo’s wealth is further bolstered by her investments and earnings from BLACKPINK’s activities.

With the launch of BLISSOO, Jisoo’s potential for growth and expansion into new ventures is boundless. As she explores diverse opportunities to connect with fans and showcase her positive aura, her net worth and influence are poised to soar even higher.