In Kerala, a KSRTC bus had a laboring lady. In a widely shared video, a bus bursts into a hospital, as staff members, including nurses, scramble inside to assist.

In Kerala, a woman gave birth onboard a state-run KSRTC bus, prompting the driver to race through a hospital complex in the Thrissur region. A heart-stopping video of the medical staff hurrying into the bus to assist the mother in giving delivery has gone viral.

The Amala Institute of Medical Sciences in Thrissur is where the event happened. The CCTV footage, which has gone viral, opens with a red and yellow KSRTC bus speeding through the hospital grounds while two security personnel drag a stretcher to the vehicle’s entrance. A few individuals can be seen leaping from the bus to assist in repositioning the stretcher.

After spending a short while inside the bus, one of the guards exits to implores the hospital employees to board the vehicle. In a matter of seconds, a queue of medical professionals, nurses, and physicians board the bus as others wheel in the instruments and medical supplies the lady will need to give delivery.

A little blue material is brought onto the bus in a matter of minutes. A few moments later, a nurse comes out of the bus carrying the baby securely wrapped in the cloth. As those around her make way for her, she can be seen hurriedly entering the hospital and carrying the baby to the protection of the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit).

Not too long after, the mother was also helped from the bus.

View the widely shared video here:

A baby girl was born to the 37-year-old mother, according to the New Indian Express. A police officer was mentioned in the paper as stating that the mother and infant are in “satisfactory” health. She is a mother of five and was allegedly in the ninth month of her pregnancy.