Kriti Sanon Journey in Bollywood

Kriti Sanon, a Bollywood actress, has nine years of experience in the business. The actress debuted on the silver screen with Heropanti and has since delivered some incredible performances; Adipurush is her most recent venture. In 2023, she also established Blue Butterfly Films, a producing company.

Diversifying into Entrepreneurship

The Tribe, a fitness firm, was the actor’s first venture into entrepreneurship last year. Since then, she has strengthened her position in the business sector by launching the direct-to-consumer (D2C) skincare line Hyphen, which she co-founded with PEP Technologies.

Hyphen: The birth of Skincare brand

Hyphen was born out of a deep love for skincare and a determined, inquisitive mind that was constantly seeking more out of life. It has given me a special chance to merge my love of skincare with my entrepreneurial ambitions,” Sanon tells HerStory.

Founding Team

Co-founded by Sanon with the founders of PEP Technologies, Vaishali Gupta, Tarun Sharma, Vikas Lachhwani, Saurabh Singhal, and Mohit Jain (team mCaffeine), the brand was unveiled on July 27.

The process of hyphenating several components to produce potent and cutting-edge skincare products gives rise to the moniker Hyphen. The brand’s philosophy of fusing science and nature to close the gap between conventional and contemporary skin care techniques is embodied in the symbol.

Hyphen’s Mission: Affordable and Effective Skincare

It all began with the actor’s desire to enter the skincare market and establish a brand that would appeal to Indian customers. Sanon founded Hyphen after realising that Indian customers wanted skincare products that were both affordable and effective.

“With Hyphen, we want to reinvent skincare and bring in a new perspective while meeting the changing needs of our customers,” she continues.

Celebrity Entrepreneurs

PEP Technologies, the company behind mCaffeine, was searching for good chances to launch a new brand, while Sanon was waiting for the right one. As our conversations progressed, Sanon states, “we realised that our visions and aspirations aligned seamlessly.”

She thinks it’s a good trend that so many celebrities are entering the business sphere these days. “Celebrities help to amplify ventures’ reach and impact by bringing their unique perspectives, influence, and resources to the table,” she continues.

“A solution-driven skincare brand that aims to provide effective products that target specific skin concerns,” is how Sanon characterises Hyphen. Within the price range of Rs 400 and Rs 600, the brand sells face creams for oily, normal, and dry skin types, as well as serums and other products. By September, it also intends to introduce a new line of merchandise.

Sustainability, Efficacy, and Transparency: Hyphen’s Competitive Edge

The brand places a strong emphasis on sustainability, efficacy, and transparency in the fiercely competitive skincare market of today in order to win over customers and establish trust. “The secret to success in a market overflowing with comparable product options is difference. We at Hyphen have accomplished this by skillfully combining the natural and scientific worlds.”

Our products are expertly made with several substances in a single bottle, offering complete remedies to a range of skin issues. Hyphen stands apart from other companies in the market thanks to its all-encompassing strategy, sincere claims, celebrity affiliation, and affordable prices, says Sanon.

Kriti Sanon: The Chief Customer Officer of Hyphen

As Chief Customer Officer and co-founder of Hyphen, Sanon is responsible for keeping a careful eye on reviews and comments from customers. This gives me the ability to direct the brand’s course in accordance with the tastes and requirements of our cherished clients, she continues.

The actor also actively participates in the conception, creation, design, and marketing strategies of products.

Ensuring Quality and Safety at Hyphen

Choosing the substances, combining them to maximise their effectiveness, and putting them through a thorough testing process are all part of Hyphen’s approach to guarantee premium quality and safety. Sanon continues by saying that she personally tests every product on her own skin, using it every day to see how it feels. 

Investing in Hyphen: Building a Strong Brand

Hyphen’s co-founder and chief growth officer, Vaishali Gupta, reports that the direct-to-consumer company has spent Rs 30 crore developing the brand, with a particular emphasis on supply chain, R&D, influencer relationships, digital marketing, logistics, and the production of instructional content. 

Hyphen’s Ambitious Growth Plans

The company is looking for partnerships that align with its principles and promote expansion, even though some undisclosed relationships are already in place. In the next 12 months, Hyphen wants to become the fastest-growing direct-to-consumer brand in India, valued at Rs 100 crore.

Its objectives are to increase consumer demand for its goods, increase market share in the skincare sector, and give sustainability and innovation a priority.

The company presently serves 18,000 pin codes in India, but it soon intends to grow on e-commerce platforms and enter foreign markets.

Kriti Sanon’s Message to Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs

Taking on the role of a businesswoman, Sanon hopes to see more women choose to become entrepreneurs in the future. “Embrace calculated chances, follow your goals without fear, and have faith in yourself. She counsels other female entrepreneurs to “build a dedicated, skilled team and recognize the potency of relentless dedication and determination.”