It seems that in the modern world of constant advancement in technological sciences, a new competitor appears on the scene. Let us introduce you to a truly revolutionary product – Moshi, an AI chatbot designed by the French-based Kyutai. Moshi is, therefore, promising to change the way society handles AI through its excellent working speed and variety of functions.

Speed And Responsiveness: A New Gospel

The most prominent aspect of Moshi is the seriously high speed it operates at. It has a response time of 200 milliseconds; it is way faster than the upcoming GPT-4o Advanced Voice Mode, by 32-120 milliseconds. This near-instantaneous interaction provides a more natural and smooth conversational flow.

Emotional Intelligence And Multilingual Ability

It thus goes without saying, Moshi isn’t just fast, but it is emotionally intelligent. For instance, if a human types his/her message then the chatbot can understand the written and spoken tone. It has a library of 70 different emotional and speaking styles, making the conversations with it look and feel as natural as speaking with a human.

It can be seen that language is also not an issue for Moshi. The chatbot is capable of speaking different languages and can have different accents as well and is, therefore, a great communicator.

Technological Foundations

In its essence, Moshi is made and driven by Helium, which is a seven-billion-parameter large language model. It may seem insignificant when compared to some of the other companies in the industry but the capacity of Moshi tells a lot about the effectiveness of its design. Moshe’s creation was created by a team of eight researchers and it only took it six months to come up with the innovation.

Privacy And Open-Source Commitment

When the question of data privacy is becoming more and more important, it is visually inspiring to see that Kyutai is planning to make it as open source as Moshi. This transparency makes users free to engage with the chatbot, and there is assurance that the user’s information will not be exploited.

Future Developments

Having established its presence, Kyutai is not complacent in any way. The company is investing work in incorporating an AI audio identification, watermarking, and signature tracking technology into Moshi. This forward planning strategy implies that Moshi is continually trying to adopt new methods, policies and improvements.


Although Moshi may still be considered as a start-up that has not yet entered direct competition with titans that are now ruling this niche, such as ChatGPT, it provides a step forward in the evolution of highly efficient, easily accessible, low-cost, and emotionally intelligent chatbots. Since Kyutai is still in the process of developing and improving Moshi, it can also mean the beginning of a new age of communication between humans and Artificial Intelligence.