Suzie Cheiko underwent a performance enhancement plan that involved monitoring her computer usage, including keystrokes, for 49 working days.

After working from home for eighteen years, 38-year-old Suzie Cheikho of Insurance Australia Group recently disclosed that she had been let go. In November 2022, she received a formal warning over her performance and production, which led to her termination. However, the procedure for evaluating performance has garnered a lot of public interest.

According to, Ms. Cheikho underwent a performance improvement plan that involved monitoring her computer usage, including keystrokes, for 49 working days between October and December. On February 20, she was let go for skipping meetings, not meeting deadlines, and not finishing critical assignments. The Fair Work Commission (FWC) discovered that she frequently arrived late and left early from work, frequently not working the full allocated hours. Her internet behavior even suggests that there were days when she worked absolutely nothing.

The FWC verdict states that Ms. Cheikho had the word “F**k” scribbled across her palm during a Microsoft Teams meeting with her management regarding her performance.

Ms. Cheikho stated that she “does not believe for a minute” that the data was accurate during a formal meeting about the review. She did not, however, present any proof to the contrary. “I mean, I might occasionally visit the stores, but not for the full day. I need some time to think about this and I’ll present a response,” she told her supervisors under the FWC’s conclusions.

“Have been going through a lot of personal issues which has caused a decline in my mental health, and unfortunately, I believe it has affected my performance and my work,” she stated in a written answer. Having “a few things going on” because of an injury was what she indicated. She said she sent supervisors a Teams message informing them of her medical appointments and promised to “make up the time afterwards.”