Researchers from Punjabi University Patiala asserted that they had created a smartphone application that would address a number of problems pertaining to women’s safety in various social contexts.

Under the direction of Prof. TOP PICKS F, researcher Priyanka from the University’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering has been working on the project titled “Development of Real-Time Intelligent System for Women’s Safety.”

Real-Time Intelligent System for Women's Safety.

Professor Brahmleen K. Sidhu and Kawaljit Singh.

“A mobile app for Android intended to meet urgent safety requirements. The program offers SOS services for quick aid in an emergency and real-time location tracking for female students and authorised guards on campus. Priyanka stated that the app’s functionality includes the ability to share automatically updated locations with contacts and authorities, such as the police, friends, family, doctors, ambulance services, and fire brigade in an emergency. She also added features that enable the recording of evidence through front and rear camera images, improving accountability and supporting investigations.

According to Kawaljit Singh, this study demonstrates how well technology can be used to advance women’s safety. The user-friendly features and real-time tracking methods of this software are among the technology’s distinctive qualities. This technology has room for growth and the ability to advance to new heights for professional use.

According to Brahmleen K. Sidhu, women will be able to use this research-developed technology—which is made possible by cutting-edge technologies like data science and machine learning—to proactively examine the safest routes before going out alone. According to her, this technology uses a variety of safety parameters to classify routes in order to anticipate which ones are safe.

The vice chancellor of Punjabi University, Prof. Arvind, stated that this kind of technological research is encouraging for the university.