According to the National Crime Records Bureau’s annual report, Delhi is the country’s most dangerous metropolis for women, with an average of three rape incidents reported every day (NCRB).

In 2022, the city registered 14,158 incidents of violence against women, the highest figure among 19 metropolitan cities for the third consecutive year, according to the violence in India Report, which was released on Sunday. There were approximately 186.9 offences reported for every 1,000 women.According to NCRB data, 1,204 rape cases were included in this.

Additionally, 3,909 cases of female kidnapping or abduction were reported in the nation’s capital. In the city, dowry death cases totaling 129 were registered. 4,847 cases of abuse by husbands or their families were reported by Delhi.

Delhi has the highest number of cases of sexual violence

A senior police officer stated that in the majority of rape and assault cases, the victim and the accused are well-known to one another. This makes it challenging for the police to intervene directly to stop the incident from happening because the victim may be reluctant to file a complaint for a variety of reasons.

Rising Awareness

Nonetheless, we run awareness campaigns to educate people about appropriate and inappropriate touch as well as what to do if women and girls find themselves in these circumstances. To make policing more approachable, we have held numerous such workshops at universities and schools, the speaker stated.

The officer went on to say that the police have been holding training sessions for women in self-defence and have been working effectively to turn complaints into formal police reports. He further asserted that police efforts to reduce crime are reflected in the rise in cases reported involving crimes against women. According to him, as more women are now reporting cases, the number of unreported cases has decreased. 22 homicides were among the 7,400 crimes against minors that were reported in the city, according to the most recent NCRB data.

An increase in crime overall

The number of crimes committed against elderly adults (those 60 years of age or more) rose from 1,166 in 2021 to 1,313 in 2022.

In 2022, the number of cybercrime cases in the city doubled. In 2022, there were 685 cases, up from 345 in 2021.

In the city, there were 501 recorded murder cases. Additionally, 106 incidences of human trafficking were noted. In contrast to the 113 girls who were trafficked in 2022, at least 492 underage boys were trafficked in Delhi; all of the girls were retrieved, the study stated.