Shades are more than just a way to protect your eyes from the sun in today’s fashion-driven society. They now serve as a fashion statement that embodies your sense of flair and individuality. For this reason, in order to locate a pair of sunglasses that your eyes deserve, you must be aware of the top brands in India. There are numerous alternatives available to you when it comes to eyewear styles in this fashion-influenced era. However, it also provides an excessive amount of brands, all of which are competing to be the best, making the buying process far more difficult and perplexing than it first appears. 

When purchasing sunglasses, it might be difficult to trust a brand because these accessories represent your individuality. There are a few things to check off your shopping list before making a purchase, ranging from style and quality to whether or not a pair would suit your face shape. However, not every brand will let you. That’s the moment when your search for the perfect pair of sunglasses will push you to consider just the best names. In case you’re looking to expand your collection of sunglasses and want something that will protect your eyes while adding a stylish touch, check out the top sunglass companies in India that are featured in this post.

  1. Ray Ban

When enumerating the top sunglasses brands available in India, Ray-Ban is an iconic name that simply must be mentioned. Its club masters, wayfarers, and aviators have allowed it to leave its stamp on the stylish eyewear market. In terms of quality or style, the brand has consistently distinguished itself from the competition. Their sunglasses are distinctive and long-lasting due to their strong and flexible frames. Their collection’s adaptability is another quality. In order to satisfy customers of all ages, Ray-Ban offers both traditional and modern designs.

  1. Fastrack

Fastrack is another well-known sunglasses brand in India. You read correctly. The brand offers the best selection of fashionable and high-quality eyeglasses in addition to trendy watches. This brand has made it to the list of the best sunglasses brands in India by providing the ideal balance of comfort, style, and affordability. The degree of UV protection that these sunglasses provide to shield you from the sun’s harmful rays without sacrificing your sense of style is another reason for their appreciation. With sunglasses that combine the perfect balance of design and functionality, Fastrack aims to elevate your look.

  1. Escada

Escada is another stylish brand of sunglasses that you can purchase for both men and women. It offers an amazing selection of tints with modern styles that are likely to entice any youthful customer. Its sunglasses are praised for their functionality and durability in addition to their style and design, which are two of their most notable qualities. Escada’s sunglasses have a sophisticated, urban aesthetic and provide good UV protection. This brand emphasises finesse and refinement in every product.

  1. Carrera

In the eyewear business, Carrera has established a solid reputation since its founding in the 1950s. It is well known for its traditional large frames that give your appearance a dash of vintage appeal. Its eyewear is characterised by dramatic frames that come in a variety of sizes and forms. Its assortment includes aviator, wayfarer, square, and large frames. Not just its distinctive look contributes to this brand’s popularity. It is renowned for providing sunglasses that provide a strong defence against damaging UVB and UVA radiation. Polarised lenses, which lessen glare and improve visual clarity, are another characteristic of Carrera sunglasses.

  1. Guess

Guess is another brand that has been added to this list of the top ten sunglasses in India. It is impossible to leave this brand out, even though the shades cost a lot more than those of other brands on this list. The characteristics of this brand’s sunglasses are endless, ranging from different frame styles and sizes to 100% UV protection. When it comes to giving yourself a stylish and functional pair of sunglasses that protect your eyes, Guess is the ideal brand for style-conscious people. It provides an extensive assortment of contemporary frame designs, including wayfarer, aviator, and cat-eye.

  1. Tom Ford

If high fashion and style are two of your top priorities when purchasing sunglasses, you ought to check out Tom Ford’s stylish selection. The brand offers the most opulent designs of sunglasses that not only accentuate your sense of style but also accentuate the features of your face. To ensure long-lasting durability, Tom Ford uses either metal or acetate in the manufacturing of its frames. The sunglasses also have an opulent appearance thanks to these frame materials. The most popular Tom Ford frame styles are the cat-eye, wraparound, and aviator. Additionally, the brand offers huge square-shaped frames that give off a VIP vibe. 

  1. Oakley

Oakley is the next most popular brand of sunglasses in India. Because of its fashionable selection of sunglasses for both men and women, it has been among the top brands for a considerable amount of time. Its sunglasses are distinctive in that they combine sporty and technology design elements. Because of this, sports fans and athletes frequently use Oakley sunglasses. These hues effectively meet both style and functional needs. The company sells lightweight frames that shield the eyes from stress thanks to an impact-resistant function. 

  1. IRUS

Another sunglasses brand that has quickly established itself on the list of the top sunglasses brands in India is IRUS. Its main concentration is on fashionable sunglasses that go well with the current generation’s fashion sense. IRUS wants every one of its clients to be a trendsetter with its fashionable sunglasses. It offers reasonably priced sunglasses with striking hues and distinctive frame styles. This brand is among the most popular options for sunglasses in India because of these attributes. IRUS colours provide something for every pair of eyes by seamlessly fusing dramatic style with sophisticated refinement.

  1. IDEE Eyewear

Without a doubt, the greatest brand of sunglasses in India is IDEE Eyewear. This brand began in 2000 and aims to provide a pair of shades that promote individuality. IDEE has placed a strong emphasis on meeting the demands of the current generation ever since it was founded. Because of this, their selection of sunglasses not only keeps up with the ever-evolving fashion trends but also meets the needs of wearers in terms of comfort. Additionally, IDEE offers a variety of frame styles, sizes, and colours for their sunglasses so that every customer can get exactly what they want. They provide strong, lightweight frames that guarantee comfort and excellent quality. Furthermore, the brand’s sunglasses provide excellent UV protection, fulfilling the functional need for eyewear. 


If you’re looking for the best sunglasses for outdoor activities like driving, skiing, beach excursions, and fishing, you should definitely check out the Police’s fashionable selection. This brand’s sunglasses are notable for their distinctive combination of style, comfort, and durability. Furthermore, these lenses also play a major role in shielding the eyes from damaging UV radiation. Police is well known for its influence on the fashion industry. 


Selecting the ideal sunglasses for oneself is about much more than style. Thus, choose your sunglasses carefully so that they will both best suit your personality and shield your eyes from damaging UV rays. Check out the stylish selection of sunglasses by IDEE Eyewear, Image, and IRUS if you’re searching for the top sunglasses brands in India.