An app for food delivery Zomato suspended the restaurant from its website following a terrible occurrence in Patiala when a young child died after eating her own birthday cake that she had ordered. According to a story in Business Today, the restaurant has been taken off of the company’s site. Additionally, the business prohibited the restaurant owner from running any businesses on Zomato going forward.

After eating a birthday cake that she had ordered from a restaurant called “Cake Kanha,” the young girl apparently suddenly died. According to reports, the cake reportedly made other family members ill when they ingested it.

According to Business Today, a Zomato representative stated, “We are deeply shaken and heartbroken by the recent tragic incident that happened in Patiala.” We promptly removed the eatery from the Zomato platform as soon as we learned about the occurrence, which is currently the subject of a police investigation. Additionally, we have prevented the restaurant owner from running any kind of business on Zomato. We are offering the law enforcement authorities in this case our utmost help.

After the event, police filed a complaint under Indian Penal Code (IPC) Sections 273 (selling dangerous food or drink) and 304-A (causing death by negligence).

Additionally, according to reports, the order’s bill copy did not designate “Cake Kanha” as having a physical address. This led the authorities to believe that the operation might be a cloud kitchen. Another receipt revealed billing from Amritsar rather than Patiala, indicating a significant disparity.