In 2024, Mahamandaleshwar Himangi Sakhi, an ABHM candidate, will challenge Prime Minister Modi for the transgender rights Lok Sabha seat in Varanasi. According to EC, there were 48,044 third-gender voters in 2024 compared to 39,683 in 2019. 

Lok Sabha elections 2024: According to Swami Chakrapani, the head of the party, Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha (ABHM) candidate Kinnar Mahamandaleshwar Himangi Sakhi would run against Prime Minister Narendra Modi from the Varanasi seat. Himangi Sakhi reportedly entered the fight to defend the rights and dignity of the transgender community. In 2024, 48,044 third-gender voters were registered with the ECI, according to the Election Commission. Since 2019, the number has increased from 39,683.

She is the world’s first transgender Bhagvat katha wachak, according to her Facebook profile. She has performed several Bhagvat Katha, Ram Katha, and Devi Bhagvat Katha all over the world, it was also said. She is regarded as a Lord Krishna follower. According to a News18 article, she began her devotion at the ISKCON temple close to her Mumbai residence.

According to a PTI story from earlier in February, transgender community members are apparently trying to be heard by asking for recognition as ‘Trans Shakti’ and a higher number of tickets for the next Lok Sabha elections. The community members expressed their desire that more political parties will support transgender candidates for the general elections, saying that the narrative of “Nari Shakti” (women’s empowerment) must be overcome in order for “Trans Shakti” to have the proper recognition and representation.

Returning to the ABP Live article, the party has declared its candidates for several seats, including Lucknow, Sitapur, Deoria, Mirzapur, Gonda, Fatehpur, Prayagraj, and Gautam Buddh Nagar, in addition to Mahamandaleshwar Himangi Sakhi.

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Ajai Rai, a member of the Congress party, will run against Prime Minister Modi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has represented Varanasi as his seat since 2014. On June 1st, Varansai residents will cast their ballots. The five assembly seats that make up the politically significant constituency are Varanasi South, Varanasi North, Cantt, Rohaniya, and Sevapuri. A Times of India article states that there are 19.62 lakh voters in the Varanasi Lok Sabha seat region, consisting of 10.65 lakh males and 8.97 lakh women in addition to 135 third-gender people. Up to 52,174 people from the Varansi Lok Sabha constituency would be first-time voters.