Himanta Biswa Sarma, the chief minister of Assam, gave an assurance on Thursday that the BJP government in the state will be in charge of providing postgraduate education for female students. Furthermore, government-funded life insurance coverage will be extended to families with ration cards. All females currently obtain a bike or a scooter after passing the class 10 exams.

However, the CM stated that starting this year, a sum of Rs 10,000 will be sent into their bank accounts for a period of two years as they get ready for the class 12 board exams.

Prior to the BJP candidates filing their nominations for the Nagaon and Darrang-Udalguri seats that would be polled in the second round on April 26, he was giving speeches at public rallies.

He said that the ladies who complete class 12 will receive Rs 12,500 for college entrance, while those who choose to pursue postgraduate courses will receive Rs 25,000.

“Mama, as he is referred to by the younger generation in the state, will educate the girls; parents will educate their sons,” Sarma declared.

In addition to the 5 kg of free rice, Ujjala gas connection, and Ayushman Bharat health card that households with ration cards currently receive, Sarma announced that following the elections, the head of the family will receive life insurance, with the state government covering the premiums, and a female member will receive benefits from the ‘Orunodoi’ scheme.

Sarma stated that the Model Code of Conduct for elections prohibits him from making financial announcements, but the pledges he made during the campaign will be carried out following the results.

Sarma gave Prime Minister Narendra Modi credit for restoring prosperity and stability to formerly unstable regions like Udalguri.

He emphasised the record of job creation of the BJP government and promised to announce 50,000 more employment after the election.

Sarma gave voters the assurance that the development of the area would be spearheaded by BJP rule at both the federal and state levels.

In Assam, the state will progress under Modi’s assurance and ‘Mama’s’ warranty. Assam will undoubtedly advance toward peace and development to become a premier state in the nation under Modi’s leadership, he said, and the people must make sure the BJP candidates win.

Sarma was there when party candidate Suresh Bora filed his nomination papers in Nagaon and when sitting BJP MP Dilip Saikia filed his papers in Darrang-Udalguri.

In addition to Nagaon and Darrang-Udalguri, Karimganj, Silchar (SC), and Diphu (ST) will also host polls in the second phase.

Sarma remarked, referring to the Congress, that discussing the opposition party is pointless since it is worthless in the marketplace, much like an old bank note.

“There is no point voting for the party as it cannot do anything for the people” , he stated.