Three resident physicians at a state-run hospital in Jaipur were suspended by the Rajasthan government on Thursday for turning away a pregnant patient. Because of the doctors’ carelessness, the woman was compelled to give delivery close to the hospital’s entrance, according to officials.

Speaking on the issue, the medical education department’s additional chief secretary, Shubhra Singh, stated that as soon as the situation was discovered, the department immediately established an inquiry committee. After “serious negligence and insensitivity” was discovered on their part, Kusum Saini, Neha Rajawat, and Manoj, three resident doctors at Kanwatia Hospital, were suspended. As she left the hospital block, the woman was in excruciating pain from labour and had to give birth close to the gate, according to officials.

Dr. Rajendra Singh Tanwar, the hospital superintendent, was also given a show-cause notice for his incompetence.

In a separate incident in Haryana, a woman gave birth outside of a government hospital building in Ambala after claiming that medical workers had refused to let her use the maternity department. Anil Vij, the minister of health for Haryana, issued an investigation order after the event.

Suman, who was about thirty years old, had been going to the same hospital for prenatal care the entire time she was pregnant. When they were unable to get an ambulance that night, her husband Shalu Kumar drove her to the hospital in a cart attached to his motorbike. Then he went into the hospital to get his wife some maternity help as she waited in the cart.

The spouse of the deceased stated that he begged the hospital staff to admit his wife to the maternity unit multiple times, but they refused to help. He related how his wife gave birth to a boy on the hospital cart on the grounds without any medical personnel there.