According to authorities on Sunday, a two-year-old girl was killed by a group of stray dogs in the Tughlak Lane neighbourhood of Dhobi Ghat, New Delhi.

The reported occurrence happened on Saturday at around six o’clock. Four or five dogs attacked the child while she was sitting outside her house, pulled her several metres, and mauled her to death, according to the reports. they also stated that an autopsy and investigation were conducted before the body was given to the girl’s family.

“It is a very sad and unfortunate incident,” a senior New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) official told PTI. When a group of vets went to the location, they discovered that the dogs there had received their vaccinations and had been sterilised. The investigation by the police will clarify matters.

The girl’s relatives wanted harsh punishment against those who they alleged were feeding the stray dogs close to the neighbourhood.

The victim’s uncle, Ravi, stated, “At about 6 p.mFour or five stray dogs attacked our child out of the blue, dragged her for 100 to 150 metres, and mauled her.”

Furthermore, he asserted that there had previously been attacks by stray dogs in the vicinity.

“These same dogs attacked cats, chicken, and children playing outside their homes,” Ravi said, adding that the villagers had reported to the relevant authorities on several occasions but that they had been disregarded.

“We are not wealthy individuals. “They threatened us with a police complaint when we tried to stop those who feed the dogs,” the man claimed. ravi said the police received complaints from the residents about these individuals as well, but they did nothing.

“A police team and forensic experts were sent to the spot after we received information about the incident,” a senior police officer stated. After being taken to the hospital, the girl passed away while receiving care. Additional research has commenced. Since the year’s beginning, Delhi has seen a number of dog attacks; this reported incidence is the most recent.

On January 29, while playing outside with her pals in Rohini’s Sector-25 neighbourhood, a seven-year-old girl reportedly sustained more than fifteen injuries at the hands of her neighbour’s American Bully.

In another incident, on January 22, a pet dog in Vishwas Nagar, northeast Delhi, is said to have attacked a two-year-old girl. The day prior, a seven-year-old child was hurt in the Mahendra Park neighbourhood of northwest Delhi after what appeared to be a Pitbull assault.

Another American Bully is said to have assaulted a seven-year-old girl in the Shahbad Dairy neighbourhood when she was playing close to her house. At another instance, at Burari’s Uttarakhand Colony, a Pitbull is accused of robbing an 18-month-old child of her grandfather’s lap and mauling her.