The woman from Bengaluru gave a story of financial theft on X and said that people should “never rely on SMSes and always check their actual bank account on a separate device.”

Bengaluru businesswoman Aditi Chopra posted on X, “Another day, another financial fraud scheme,” describing a scam she could have fallen into.

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According to Chopra, he received a call when she was on an office call from someone who needed to send money to his father but requested him to send it to her since there was a problem with his bank account. Then he spoke out loud her mobile number, ten digits. The next thing that happened was a money-making trap.

She said, “I saw this SMS pop up in the exact same format as any bank credit SMS as soon as [he] said out loud my number.”

“While he’s on the call, I received an SMS mentioning an INR 10k credit, and then another mentioning an INR 30k credit,” Chopra continued.

Then he claims that he sent her ₹30,000 by mistake when he had just meant to pay her ₹3,000. Then, pretending to be at a clinic where he must give the money to a doctor, he asks her to refund the remaining sum.

The fraudster’s contrived urgency was referred to by Chopra as the “real game.”

She further disclosed that she was certain the SMSs she got were fraudulent after closely examining them. “The SMSs are not from a branded firm ID; rather, they are from a 10-digit phone number. Naturally, I was barred when I phoned again a minute later after checking my accounts.

Additionally, she counseled individuals to “never rely on any SMSes and always check their actual bank account on a separate device.”

She labeled cyber cell in her post and included a snapshot of the SMS messages she got on her phone as well.

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As was to be expected, a large number of people shared their experiences with similar calls in the post’s comments section. “Dad got into a similar scam,” an X user said. In reality, he sent the funds. The texts used corporate tags rather than regular phone numbers, but the sender is an experienced con artist who pulled off three more frauds in one day. Be careful!

“Lucknow customs called me today. Jamtara in real life,” a second person said.

A third person said, “Nice one. It’s important to remain vigilant.