In a strategic move to bolster digitization efforts in the Indian market, Google has launched its Wallet app for Android smartphone users. This dedicated digital storage solution allows users to securely store non-payment essentials such as tickets, movie passes, rewards cards, and digital car keys, serving as a centralized hub for everyday digital assets.


ServiceGoogle Wallet app for Android
PurposeStore non-payment digital items like tickets, keys, rewards cards
PartnersPVR Inox, MakeMyTrip, Air India, Shoppers Stop, BMW (initially)
Co-existenceWill exist alongside Google Pay for payment services
AvailabilityAvailable for download on Android devices, preloaded on Pixel phones
AccessLock screen shortcut for quick access

During an event in New Delhi, Ram Papatla, GM & India Engineering Lead for Android at Google, emphasized the app’s seamless transition from paper to digital formats. “We’ve focused on just making sure the journey from paper to digital is seamless,” he stated.

To kick-start the initiative, Google has partnered with 20 leading brands, including PVR Inox, MakeMyTrip, Air India, Shoppers Stop, and BMW. The firm expects to keep growing its partner base into the future.

Importantly, Google Wallet will be used only for non-payment operations in India. Google Pay, Google’s digital wallet and payment system, will coexist with the Wallet app, covering all the payment needs of the Indian market. “Google Pay is not going anywhere,” Papatla confirmed. “Google Pay is our main use-case for payment and it solves all your payment needs in India. Wallet is specialized for non-payment use-cases. “

The new Google Wallet app will be available for Android users, while Pixel devices sold in India are shipped with the application by default. Furthermore, the users can take Google Wallet as a lock screen shortcut for speedy login.

Google wallet has taken many turns over the past decade, starting off as a mobile payment service that was launched in 2011. In 2015, it was replaced by Android Pay which in turn merged with Google wallet in 2018 to become the current Google Pay platform.

Papatla stressed that India as a market is for the wallet app, which is to solve everyday pain points of the users, like accessing any document in their phones. The app has been developed by Google such that it automatically surfaces boarding passes and movie tickets in Google Wallet after ticket purchase confirmation.

Although Google has no near-term plans to monetize the Wallet app in India, this move demonstrates its dedication to improving digital services and creating a smooth user experience in the world’s largest smartphone market after China.