People in the Middle East are “shocked and disappointed by world’s reaction to this catastrophe,” according to Royal.

Queen Rania of Jordan has said that Western politicians are using a “glaring double standard” in not denouncing Israel’s shelling of Gaza, which has resulted in the deaths of Palestinian people.

Born in Kuwait to Palestinian parents, Rania denounced western countries for not supporting a universal ceasefire, claiming that their quiet suggested they were “complicit” in Israel’s assaults on Gaza.

jordan's Queen Rania denounces the

“People in Jordan and around the Middle East are absolutely astounded and let down by how the world is responding to this impending disaster. We have witnessed an obvious double standard in the globe over the past few weeks,” she said to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour.

She said, “When October 7 happened, the world immediately and unequivocally stood by Israel and its right to defend itself, and condemned the attack.” October 7 was the day that, according to Israeli officials, saw a rampage by Hamas militants that resulted in the deaths of over 1,400 people, mostly civilians, and the kidnapping of over 220 more.

“However, over the past few weeks, silence has been observed throughout the world.”

Israel’s retaliatory airstrikes, according to Gaza’s health ministry operated by Hamas, have killed 6,546 individuals, the majority of whom were civilians and many of them were children.

The 2.4 million people living in Gaza are under complete siege and are reportedly experiencing a “catastrophic” humanitarian situation, according to the UN.

“Are we to understand that killing a family at gunpoint is wrong, but shelling them to death is acceptable?” Royal Rania enquired.

Numerous nations in the West have openly and regularly expressed their support for Israel and asked it to abide by international law.

“The silence is deafening and, to many in our region, it makes the western world complicit through their support and through the cover that they give Israel,” Queen Rania remarked in reference to the west’s failure to support a ceasefire.

Thus far, proposals for a general ceasefire have been rejected by Israel and its supporters, who claim that doing so will only help Hamas.

A draught UN Security Council resolution advocating for a “humanitarian pause” in the escalating Israel-Hamas war was rejected by the US last week, claiming the language did not acknowledge Israel’s right to self-defense.

Speaking of “epic suffering” in Gaza, UN head António Guterres said on Tuesday that there had been “clear violations of international law.”

When Guterres stated that the Hamas attack “did not happen in a vacuum,” Israeli diplomats reacted angrily.

Queen Rania agreed, telling CNN that the claim that the fighting began on October 7 was incorrect.

This 75-year-old tale of Palestinian displacement and unimaginable death is told here. It’s a narrative about an occupation during the apartheid era,” she remarked.

Rania highlighted global human rights groups that have previously charged Israel with apartheid when questioned about her assertion.

In response to a 2022 Amnesty International report alleging that it was committing apartheid, Israel said that it was “a democracy committed to international law” and referred to Amnesty as a “radical organization”.

The events taking place in Gaza and Israel represent a new phase in the Middle East war. The latest attack and the ensuing conflict have already had catastrophic implications and will likely continue to influence world politics for years to come due to the extent of the casualties.