Falguni Shane Peacock has explored the essence of how hair style can be crucial to the runway story within the context of an effortless, street luxury collection in her partnership with TRESemmé.

Being easy requires a lot of hard work, as the phrase goes. Falguni Shane Peacock went all out for Lakmé Fashion Week X FDCI without ever going crazy. They utilised their talents, such as novel shapes and surface ornamentation, while also pushing the boundaries of fashion. This was an event that in many ways paralleled the drama of style, honouring fashion for the eccentricity, skill, nuances, and thinking that make each outfit a unique narrative.

The gorgeous transparent, strapless, corseted gown worn by Kiara Advani to finish the performance, which was decorated with crystals, sequins, and beads, only helped to reinforce the transformational, almost dramatic power of matching hairstyles with the appropriate attire. According to the partnership, the approach “seamlessly combines street-meets-luxe, presenting an understated yet chic and statement-making vibe.” the remainder of the outfits only served to reinforce this idea. The components keep a tidy, uncomplicated look, and the details are fine. The colour scheme, which was specifically designed for Gen Z, has midnight black, royal blue, sparkling silvers, gorgeous golden tones, and flaming reds.

The new Bond Plex Range from TRESemmé was presented to emphasise the appearance even more. To learn more about the inspiration behind the collection and the history of this collaboration, Team vogue spoke with the designer team:

Under the artistic guidance of Law Roach, your most recent collection at NYFW was well-received. Does the latest LFW x FDCI presentation take stylistic cues from the streets of New York?

The look and feel of our brand has changed, strayed into street luxury, and embraced the Gen Z attitude. Despite not being specifically influenced by New York street style, this collection incorporates elements of street style in general with a particular luxurious flare. As street style becomes more popular worldwide, our business has positioned itself to meet the needs of  the younger generation.

At FSP, the combination of Indian shapes with Western elements has become a trademark. What distinguishes this collection from others, particularly the one we saw at NYFW?

This line presents itself as a fresh interpretation and avant-garde fusion that draws inspiration from the mainstream and is designed for both the Peacock Girl and Peacock Boy. It incorporates a number of bold statement pieces from the main prêt collection into a subtle, stylish street-style design. In order to curate current trends, we partnered with TRESemmé to give this collection a specific focus on hair.

What were the highlights of making this collection, please? What colour scheme do you use? Have you tried out any novel fabrics, shapes, or textures?

Although the Peacock Girl and Peacock Boy were considered when designing this collection, the majority of the items are gender-neutral. Male models wear feminine, fitting jackets, blouses, skirts, etc. with confidence, whilst female models carry men’s bombers, bomber jackets, etc. with ease. While there isn’t much fabric testing in this edit, there is a clear emphasis on playing around with our monogram. We also experimented a lot with hair since we believe it is essential to completing the image. Our style partners TRESemmé did an amazing job by sharing our goal of developing looks that flawlessly integrate fashion and hair.

For this collection, you worked with TRESemmé; how do you think that affected the final product? Do you anticipate additional FSP partnerships in the near future?

When TRESemmé contacted us for this season of Lakmé Fashion Week, we were thrilled. They have previously collaborated on our hair for all of our New York Fashion Week presentations, with the exception of S/S24. Because TRESemmé has a thorough grasp of our brand, aesthetics, and collections, we have had a long-standing relationship with them. They have constantly provided distinctive hairstyles that improve the atmosphere of our presentations.