A Rajasthani class 12 kid who had been raped the previous year was not allowed to sit for the board examinations at Ajmer school.

According to the victim’s complaint, a class 12 student in Rajasthan who was subjected to gang rape the previous year was denied the opportunity to sit for the board examinations. According to NDTV, the youngster stated, “School officials told me that the atmosphere would be spoiled if I appeared for the exams.” 

The girl had not attended courses for four months, according to the Ajmer school, therefore they refused to issue her an admission card for the board examinations.

After that, when the student went to see another instructor, the teacher suggested that she give the child hotline a call. An inquiry was initiated and a case was lodged by the Child Welfare Commission (CWC) of Ajmer.

As of right now, the inquiry is ongoing. As reported by NDTV, CWC Chairperson Anjali Sharma stated, “Our top objective is to make sure the girl can take her board examinations. Additionally, she had discussed the sexual occurrence with the student. 

The school advised the girl to study at home because they thought her presence may change the mood in the building. The victim informed Anjali Sharma that the child complied with their worries and studied for her board examinations at home.

“The child informed me that she received a 79% on her board examinations for class 10. In her twelfth board test, she had the potential to achieve even better. But because of the school’s carelessness, she could miss a year,” Anjali Sharma told NDTV.

The head of CWC stated that she subsequently learned the school had prohibited her from accessing the property right after her rape because other parents objected to her presence. Nevertheless, the school refused to release her board exam entrance card, claiming she was no longer a student there.