This era’s “primary dilemma,” according to Anand Mahindra, is whether people will become technology’s slaves or masters. He added that 13-year-old Nikita’s rapid thinking “provides comfort that technology will always be a facilitator of human

In addition, the billionaire Mahindra Group chairman said that the tale of young Nikita “provides comfort that technology will always be an enabler of human ingenuity”.

“The key question of the day is whether technology will make us its slaves or our masters. “The narrative of this young girl offers consolation in the knowledge that technology will perpetually facilitate human inventiveness,” Mahindra said on the social networking site X, formerly known as Twitter, on April 6.

He continued, saying of the girl, “Her rapid thinking was remarkable.” She proved that one can lead in a completely unpredictable changing environment. I’m hoping Mahindra can persuade her to work with us when she enters the corporate sector when she completes her studies.”

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Inventiveness on Show

On April 5, 13-year-old Nikita from Basti, Uttar Pradesh, showed fast thinking to prevent an animal assault and save herself and her 15-month-old niece from a monkey invasion.

A monkey burst into the room when Nikita played with her niece at her sister’s house in Awas Vikas Colony, Basti, and started looking through the food. According to ANI, other family members were in other rooms when this occurred.

Aware Nikita, while terrified, saw Alexa, the Amazon virtual assistant, perched atop the refrigerator and ordered it to bark, hoping the monkey would be scared off by the noises of animals. The cunning plan worked as planned.

Shipra Ojha, Nikita’s mother, acknowledged that her daughter’s fast thinking and skillful use of Alexa prevented a potential monkey assault while praising Nikita’s ingenuity. “Both their lives were saved by such good use of the Alexa device, we were in another room but due to the wisdom of daughter Nikita, she asked the Alexa to make the sound of a dog and hearing the sound the monkey ran away,” she stated to ANI.