Osmania University: After informing the DCP about their requests, the students conducted a campus inspection, during which they discovered various security breaches in the dormitory.

In response to a security lapse, residents of the Osmania University Post Graduate Girls Hostel organised a protest on campus on Saturday. The students demonstrating claimed to have arrested one of the three trespassers who had broken into their dorm. However, the number of invaders has not yet been confirmed by the police.

Police officers were observed attempting to get the students to leave the area as they sat in front of their dormitory, brandishing signs that said, “We want justice.”

All we’re asking for is VC to show up. One student yelled, “Why is he not coming?” while another said, “We are just trying to pressurise the VC to come.”

Students describe terror

Following their return from the Sankranti Holidays, a number of unpleasant incidences precipitated a protest that brought attention to the pressing need to guarantee the protection of the hostel occupants.

Concerns have been simmering among the dormitory residents since their return from the holidays, according to a student protester who talked with ANI.

We heard odd noises in several rooms after returning from the Sankranti holidays. However, we believed that we could have made a mistake,” a student added.

When one of the hostel residents allegedly saw hands sticking out of the bathroom vents on the first floor as well as the ground floor, the situation became more heated.

The student demonstrator described the terrifying experience, saying, “The event happened on two stories yesterday, the ground floor and the first floor at the same time. Ventilators are present in our restrooms. The restrooms are cramped. Within the lavatory, she (a student) locked herself. However, she noticed hands emerging from the ventilator. She fled in terror.”

The pupils went straight to their seniors for help in confronting the invaders.

“We made our way over to our seniors. We had been looking for them. Only one of the three that we saw was captured by us. “We want the remaining individuals who were present to be apprehended,” the demonstrator declared.

She remarked, “We have been sitting here since 12:30..,” demanding the Vice-Chancellor (VC) to come to the place and address their complaints.We want a solution to all of our problems, thus we want the VC to come and solve our issue. Safety is crucial. Wherever we remain, we want enough security.”