On X (previously Twitter), a video of a Bengaluru lady riding a scooter and taking a Zoom call went viral.

Bengaluru is well known for its awful traffic. Images and videos of individuals utilizing their lengthy delays in traffic in Bengaluru occasionally become highly popular on social media. These images show people undertaking a variety of tasks, such as taking calls while stopped in traffic or peeling green peas. Discussions concerning Bengaluru’s traffic problems are frequently sparked by such tweets. A woman was recently spotted driving a scooter while attending a conference in a typical Bengaluru scene.

On the microblogging site X, a video showing her working while operating a scooter was posted along with a Tamil commentary. The English translation is “Work even on the road.” What other course of action? They are staring at me rather than the signal.

While waiting for traffic to clear in Bengaluru, the woman is seen in the video taking a Zoom call on her smartphone. Within the video, there is a writing that says, “Work from traffic.” Just another typical Bengaluru day.

Watch the video by clicking this link:

That being said, there has been prior experience with someone working in Bengaluru traffic. A video of a man using his laptop while riding a scooter went wildly popular online, marking yet another peak Bengaluru moment. Looks like the dude is on a Microsoft Teams call. Many social media users responded to the video, which was posted with the title “Bengaluru is not for beginners,” with one person stating, “He might complete his full shift given the traffic situation.”

Another person said, “When you have to balance yourself between running a package and going back home.”

“Bro must be working for an IT company as he might not be clocking 70 hours per week,” remarked a third.